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2021- 2029 City of Moorpark Draft Housing Element | Moorpark, CA

What is a Housing Element?

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) requires all local governments (cities and counties) to adequately plan to meet the housing needs of everyone in their community. A city’s general plan serves as their “blueprint” for how the city will grow and develop and includes eight elements: and use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, safety, and air quality.

The Housing Element includes goals, policies, programs and objectives to guide future housing growth to meet the needs of residents of all income levels in Moorpark.

What is the RHNA?

The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) is mandated by State Housing Law as part of the periodic process of updating a local Housing Element of the General Plan. The RHNA quantifies the need for housing within each jurisdiction during the planning period. The latest RHNA allocation plan will cover the planning period between 2021 through 2029.

Moorpark will use findings from the RHNA in land use planning, prioritizing local resource allocation, and in deciding how to address identified existing and future housing needs resulting from population, employment, and household growth. By incorporating information provided by the RHNA, Moorpark can identify projected housing needs by income category and develop policies and programs that will aid in achieving the housing goals set forth in the RHNA. The RHNA does not necessarily encourage or promote growth, but rather allows communities to anticipate and plan for growth.

2021-2029 Moorpark Regional Housing Needs Allocation

Household    Income Levels

RHNA Requirement

Definition of Affordability 

by Household Income Level

Number of Units

Percent of Units

Very Low 

            Households earning 31-50% of AMI




            Households earning 51-80% of AMI




            Households earning 81-120% of AMI



Above Moderate 

            Households earning above 120% of AMI







Source: Southern California Association of Governments, 2020.

Public Input

As part of the Housing Element adoption process, the City of Moorpark requests written comments from the general public by Close of Business, January 21, 2022 . To submit comments/questions or to be added to the interest list for future announcements please email: [email protected] 

Upcoming Important Dates

  • January 13, 2022- Planning Commission Hearing 
  • January 19, 2022- City Council Hearing  

Links to Agendas and Meetings

  • Meeting Summary: The focus of this meeting was to recommend including the draft Housing Plan in the updated Housing Element. The project team provided GPAC members with a summary of feedback received during focused outreach to housing stakeholders. Followed by a discussion of the draft housing plan goals and program recommendations, with reference to meeting State law requirements and addressing the themes raised by housing stakeholders and the GPAC during the prior meeting on September 2, 2021. GPAC members were asked to indicate their concurrence with the proposed Housing Plan and to identify any additional topics that should be considered for inclusion in the Housing Element. 
  • 09/02/21              GPAC MEETING 9 – HOUSING(Video)

    Meeting Summary: GPAC members were provided with an overview of the contents of the Housing Element and its relationship to the General Plan.   Staff were provided with an orientation to the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) and the City’s projected progress towards meeting the affordable housing goals established during the 6th Housing Element update cycle. GPAC members discussed and provided feedback on the proposed strategies to encourage the provision of housing within Moorpark and identified topics that should be considered for inclusion in the Housing Element’s goals and policies.

Previous Version

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does this matter?

While also meeting a state mandated requirement, an approved and adopted Housing Element will allow the City of Moorpark to apply for available State funding to develop more affordable housing and support housing related priorities in the community.  

What is considered “affordable housing?

Recent years have seen housing prices outpace increases in household income. The high demand for housing coupled with a limited supply of housing has made it increasingly more difficult to find and afford housing. The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines an “affordable dwelling” as one that a household can obtain for 30 percent or less of its income. However, this varies from city to city.

 For example: a household is considered “low-income” if it makes less than 80 percent of the median income in the local area (this is called Area Median Income, or AMI). So, by this definition, a dwelling is considered “affordable” for low-income families if it costs less than 24 percent of the area median income.

 In the Southern California region, there is a scarcity of affordable housing. But in many areas, the basic problem is that demand for housing is high. For housing to be more affordable, the supply of houses needs to increase.

How can I provide feedback on the plan?

Your feedback is crucial and needed by Close of Business on January 21, 2022 to ensure the Housing Element reflects the wants and needs of the Moorpark community, so we want YOUR voice to be heard! To submit comments/questions related to the Housing Element or to be added to the interest list for future announcements please email: [email protected]

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Paul Schnieber - CalDRE: 01979022

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